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We deconstruct and rebuild your onboarding programs to a World-Class level. With the right culture and enabled employees business success is guaranteed.


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Jean-Luc Nicholson,
GRC Program Manager

"Olia was professional and diligent when it came to building an onboarding program for customers and employees during our time working together. Her expertise allowed the Education Department to grow and become a center of excellence within the company. She helped standardize the approach to onboarding and streamlined the process, improving employee ramp-up time and customer retention. Very positive experience."


Niclole Flemming,
Quality Analyst

I’ve had the pleasure of attending many different training sessions with Olia.  What’s wonderful about her training style is how relatable and genuine she is with the participants.

Olia’s trainings are both theoretical and practical and she has the ability to get even the shyest person in the room role-playing and fully participating.

Olia provides full and comprehensive courses that upon completion you go back to work or life and start applying the skills and lessons immediately.


Amit Rout,
Database Administrator

Olia's work is really impressive. The training sessions are very structural, dynamic and interactive. I had never experienced this kind of ease in learning before the training with her and her team. During the complex software training, it was super fun and I never felt distracted or bored at any time. It gave me the confidence and the knowledge that I needed the most. 
I would highly recommend OLIA and her team. 

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