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Master change and remain highly competitive


"All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end."

Do you want to help you and your staff navigate change while meeting the organization's needs? and would you like to pave your way for career advancement? So this program is perfect for you.

After our Change Management training, you will be implementing a framework for managing the people side of it. For changes to be successful, we must prepare, equip and support individuals moving through the process so that they successfully adopt the new normal. Without adoption, changes will not be successful and we will not deliver the desired outcomes.

The cost of mismanaging change by ignoring the people side of it can be high, impacting not just project outcomes, but timelines, budgets and more.

Employees who understand the process will adopt changes faster, more completely and more proficiently, stay engaged in the organization during disruptive times and understand why the change is happening.

About The Instructor

Olia Stasiuk, GPHR®

Olia, is a seasoned HR, with years of experience exploring how people learn best, a Harvard graduate, Ted Public Speaking and Human Resource Standard institute certified. Olia is often invited to speak and inspire teams around the globe. 


One of many reviews:

"Olia and her team are the best in their field. She goes through all the details while giving trainings and make sure that each and every attendee fully understands the content of the trainings. The best thing is she doesn't mind answering questions from trainees irrespective of how many times it's asked until everyone in the room understands it. I would highly recommend her and would definitely be delighted to work with her in future."


All of the reviews about her sessions highlight: passion, depth of knowledge, and care. 

During this course, Olia will guide you through the right steps on the journey to become a master of change in your organization and keep up with always-changing processes to remain highly competitive.

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