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 In our personal lives we get to surround ourselves with people who compliment and appreciate the ways we communicate. But in the workplace, we don’t always get to choose the team we work with. 

 Even though you may have little choice in the people you collaborate with daily, it doesn’t mean effective communication is any less important — or achievable. Team communication strategies are essential to effectively achieve shared goals, keep morale high and ensure personal growth for everyone involved.

Establishing a strategy that maximizes communication effectiveness to increase productivity, and harmony among the team, and avoid conflict could be challenging.

We will help you to build a robust collaborative environment, choosing the ones that work best for your team, keeping communication open and leveraging the strengths of your diverse team to overcome obstacles.

With this training program expect engaging and inspiring sessions that provide real results. Communicating effectively is the key to success when leading at a distance as well. Learn influence and how to foster relationships, and inspire through communication. Communicate inspirationally everyday from leading meetings to off-the-cuff conversations.

About The Instructor

Olia Stasiuk, GPHR®

Olia, is a seasoned HR, with years of experience exploring how people learn best, a Harvard graduate, Ted Public Speaking and Human Resource Standard institute certified. Olia is often invited to speak and inspire teams around the globe. 


One of many reviews:

"Olia is structured, organized and has great communication skills that every presentation feels natural to her. She's very patient with the audience and listens to everyone's needs."

All of the reviews about her sessions highlight: passion, depth of knowledge, and care. 

During this course, Olia will guide you through the right steps on the journey to become a great communicator even in the most challenging meetings and situations.

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