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Master the selling process that resonates


The way to reach breakout performance in sales is the same formula for becoming adept at anything, from playing piano to programming Python. It's about mastering performance through knowledge, skill, and discipline. Organizations are clamouring for high-impact sellers and we know what it takes to become one.

  • 72% of CSOs believe improving pipeline generation is a top sales priority for 2022.

  • 62% of CSOs are prioritizing account management and account-based strategies.

  • 61% of CSOs indicate that increasing sales manager effectiveness is a top priority for 2022.


Selling is the most rewarding profession in the world. Irrespective of the industry, geography, age, or gender, if you are good at sales, you can change your life by yourself.

The problem with the sales profession is that we are not taught this in school. So when people enter this noble profession, they do hit and try to get success in sales and most of the time end up with frustration and anxiety. This course is designed for anybody who wants to upscale their level in sales, no matter at what stage you are.

During the course, you will learn the most important part of sales i.e. the right mindset. We have worked with many salespeople who have been in this industry for 20+ or 30+ years, and still, they can not figure out why they got the sale or why they lost the sale.

You will learn how to have the right mindset for getting your client on the right track and most importantly you will learn how to observe your sale.

If you are not able to generate enough sales, it is your responsibility only, nobody is going to come to your rescue, not your boss, not your customer, not your vendor, not your father, your friend, or anybody.

You need to take 100% responsibility for your life and skills.


Dive into this course and learn the art of sales. We promise you that once you finish this course, you will not be the same person again.


Who this course is for:

  • Sales professionals

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Leaders

  • Professionals


What you will learn:

1. Sales mindset and attitude of great salespeople.

2. Understanding your buyer and creating your own

customer avatar.

3. Select the right product for your audience.

4. Understanding cultural differences, filters and how

to adjust to them based on the client. 

5. 4P Sales formula with thorough practice of each step. 

6. Objection Treatment that works every single time. 

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About The Instructor

Olia Stasiuk, GPHR®

Olia, is a seasoned HR, with years of experience exploring how people learn best, a Harvard graduate, Ted Public Speaking and Human Resource Standard institute certified. Olia is often invited to speak and inspire teams around the globe. 


From Olia:

"I’ve not only found the formula to selling success during my work at Nestle Nespresso, which allowed me and my teams to exceed sales KPIs every month by 200-500%, but also created comprehensive advanced sales training that is still being delivered Company-wide and delivers exceptional results every single time."

All of the reviews about her sessions highlight: passion, depth of knowledge, and care. 

During this course, Olia will guide you through techniques that she applied with every single team she lead or trained, coached dozens of managers on and even will share how they can impact your personal life.

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