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As published by NICOLE CHOQUETTE, Assistant Managing Editor at RITZ HERALD on Oct 31st, 2022:

Most employers often overlook employee onboarding, but it is essential to helping new hires feel welcome and successful in their new roles. According to Gallup, only 12% of employees strongly feel that their company does a fantastic job onboarding new employees. That means 88% do not believe their organizations do a great job of onboarding, leaving much room for improvement.

Many studies have shown that when employees are given proper training and support during their first weeks on the job, they are more likely to stay with the company for longer and make fewer mistakes that could lead to costly errors or lawsuits. The result? A happier workforce that produces better results for organizations as a whole.

For companies that want to start investing in their employee onboarding program, check out our list below of some of the best companies that offer this service in North America.

  1. 360 Transformers

Arguably the most employee-focused of the list, 360 Transformers is a name that will open doors for the rest of an employee’s career. The firm devotes significant time and effort to combining over 20 methodologies and tailoring them to each organization to drive their success.

Additionally, their proposed solutions always take into consideration executive team, team managers, and individual contributor goals. Team also thoroughly prepares for the smooth change management process.

“Surprisingly, few companies dedicate appropriate time and resources to the onboarding process,” says founder Olia Stasiuk. “That is because too many organizations make short-term decisions by trying to cut corners during their onboarding on the product and processes without giving enough thought to a strategic, people-focused plan for nurturing and retaining talent.”

The company is well-known for its five key steps in its process (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) that help both parties synchronize strategy and talent to drive performance. The team at 360 Transformers diligently works with its clients to understand what they want to achieve, build a robust long-term plan and provide them with the support they need to achieve their goals.

  1. ACS Performance

There are many good reasons why ACS is the right choice for businesses. The ACS team collaborates with clients to understand what they want to achieve, develop a solid long-term plan, and provide them with the support they need to succeed.

Its employee onboarding programs include critical milestones along its timetable, allowing clients to monitor the plan’s and the new hire’s performance. This gives ACS Performance the option to re-plan as necessary in order to meet the onboarding plan’s overall objective.

One of the ACS’ priorities during its onboarding programs is “structured growth.” Its team strives to help clients put in the right foundations, so their workforce is structured effectively and follows robust, well-tested systems to grow effectively towards their vision.

  1. Bambee

Bambee offers HR consulting services to small businesses with up to 500 employees. It provides guidance on onboarding and training employees while navigating labor regulations. Bambee’s “Report Cards” lets clients track employee progress against their goals, and “Employee Voices” allows employees to share feedback—good and bad.

Bambee offers training to help employees grow and help clients stay HR compliant. If they need to terminate an employee, Bambee can also help them navigate that.

Bambee offers four plans that differ mainly based on how many employees clients have. It provides monthly pricing for businesses with one to 500 employees and monthly and annual pricing for companies with five to 500 employees.

  1. BambooHR

From what to expect on the first day to team introductions, BambooHR onboarding tools help promising candidates become engaged, productive employees. Its onboarding programs begin with a detailed strategy including all the procedures, relationships, and lessons required to achieve a high level of performance in the shortest amount of time.

In addition, BambooHR’s onboarding tools help companies complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, let them gather electronic signatures with customizable preboarding packages, and make it easy to set new hires up in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists.

  1. TriNet

TriNet’s onboarding program takes place for at least 90 days to ensure new hires have the support they need to be productive. Many of the best onboarding programs create a program encompassing the first year of work.

Under TriNet’s onboarding program, a supervisor and a mentor should regularly schedule meetings and check-ins to see if their new employee has questions, provide ongoing feedback, and limit the risks of the new employee feeling isolated.

Rather than simply making a program, TriNet offers ongoing tracking system that measures their performance at each stage of the plan, and then evaluating its success at the conclusion of the time period.

  1. ADP

ADP’s onboarding programs feature a centralized, simple, and streamlined process that helps organizations welcome their new employees. Clients can use its automated onboarding solutions to provide the information and support employees need before their first day.

If possible, ADP conducts onboarding programs in person so they can ask questions. The first few work periods include training or meetings to help get employees up to speed and comfortable with their roles.

With ADP’s onboarding, companies can welcome new hires with unique solutions to get them acclimated and engaged in their new work environment through a personalized welcome portal. Adaptable onboarding tools and services include mobile access, customizable and dynamic templates, and turnkey integration with the core ADP HR system.


The importance of giving new hires the tools for success can’t be understated, and this will only continue to grow in relevance as more companies seek to streamline their hiring processes. That said, onboarding programs work best when they are tailored to each organization rather than being a cookie-cutter process that is assigned to every new hire.

The six options listed can handle any employee onboarding project. Still, industry experts believe 360 Transformers delivers the most comprehensive employee onboarding program due to its proven track record and experience in the field.

Clients of 360 Transformers can be confident that their new employees will receive personal and qualified programs, as opposed to simply receiving not connected training packages from a firm in the area. Knowing the latest technologies and best practices, 360 Transformers offers customized HR solutions that put employees’ talents to the best use and will result in greater return for any organization.

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