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Transformers Academy Unveils Their 2023 Corporate Development Programs to Upskill Your Workforce

Press Releases:

Vancouver, British Columbia-(Newsfile Corp. - November 27, 2022) - Transformers Academy - one of the leading providers of workforce training programs in North America that help organizations improve their ranking among top employers - recently unveiled its list of 15 corporate development programs that will commence in 2023.

Transformers Academy - Photo Den Didenko, Creative Agency Bluur

The programs include learning sessions designed to improve the knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences of individuals within the organization.

The list includes:

  1. Change Management

  2. Executive Public Speaking

  3. Time Management Mastery

  4. Effective Communication and Collaboration

  5. Management Training

  6. Storytelling

  7. Feedback and Coaching

  8. L&D Team Coaching

  9. Diversity & Inclusion Training

  10. Impactful Presentation Skills

  11. The Art of Sustainable Sales

  12. Confident Decision Making

  13. Difficult Conversations Management

  14. Employee Performance Management

  15. Business Strategy

Founder and CEO, Olia Stasiuk, shared that their programs strive to increase employees' future performance and growth. "Learning culture is a must for the companies that want to lead in their market. We bring expertise to help them learn new skills and acquire specific knowledge they can apply instantly to bring significant improvements in their current roles. Companies with employees who learn quickly and adapt well to changing environments outperform their competitors over time," she shared.

According to Stasiuk, many studies have shown that companies with corporate development programs see a sharp increase in profits and a high level of staff retention, which is vital for sustained business growth. With the right programs in place savings can reach a few million dollars per just 100 employees over 3-5 years.

"As employees become more skilled, they increase the organization's human capital value. The result is a more productive team that will directly impact profitability," she added.

Transformers Academy envisions a workforce where every employee has the means to constantly improve themselves, to invest in lifelong learning consistently, and to have the competencies they need to lead successful and meaningful lives.

"Our formula for market leadership is enduring: We continually transform and tailor our programs and embrace change to create value for our clients with incredibly talented people, including our deep bench of experienced professionals," said Stasiuk.

"The programs we have unveiled will unleash the full potential of our clients' workforce, create greater opportunities for them, and act as a catalyst for us to set the new standard in their industry again."

About Transformers Academy

With its army of experts, Transformers Academy's mission is to transform people's lives through meaningful and practical learning experiences. The company is one of the leading global providers of development programs that help individuals stay ahead of the competition in today's economic environment.

Transformers Academy is part of 360 Transformers, a forward-thinking Canadian-based organization with the primary goal of enabling human capital and maximizing return on investment in North America, Asia and Europe. They specialize in employee onboarding, expatriate cultural training and employee performance.

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