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"Welcome to the Team!" - 5 Creative Email Templates

More often than not employees report being disappointed with the onboarding process starting right after signing their employment offer. Sounds familiar? We've put together 5 examples of how you can welcome your new team members and set the tone about your company culture. Differentiate yourself with the creative approach and make everyone's experience memorable!

Why is it important to welcome new team members?

It's important to welcome new team members to show them you appreciate them. An effective welcome message may have the following benefits:

  • Creates a positive first impression: A welcome message may be the first interaction you have with a new team member. You can use this opportunity to create a positive first impression.

  • Helps build a positive culture: When new team members feel welcomed and included, it may help create a more positive workplace environment.

  • Increases engagement: A welcome message is part of an effective onboarding process. When new team members feel valued, it can help increase overall employee engagement.

Example #1. Team Game.

Hola, Bonjour and Hello in 7000+ more languages, {{First Name}},

It is with much joy that we welcome you to the Champions Team!

We are big believers in healthy and fun company culture & to foster that climate early on we wanted to make this introduction.

You will soon be joining our team and as we preach learning all around us, we will share your onboarding plan shortly after.

“Talent wins games but only teamwork wins championships” - Michael Jordan

Welcome to the team players, it’s time to win together!


{{HR Team Name}}

Example #2. Holiday Season Option 1.

Ahoy {{First Name}},

As you prepare to welcome Santa into your homes, we are filling up our stockings for you with knowledge & fun.

Don’t look up the chimney as we are going to slide into your mailbox with our presents.

It is an exciting time of the year, and we are pumped to warm you from the snow with eggnog and warm greetings.

It is a pleasure for us to have you join us as we usher into the New Year and begin our work anew.

"HO HO HO"Santa

Welcome, we are glad to have you!


{{HR Team Name}}

Example #3. Galaxy.

Greetings {{First Name}},

Welcome to the team, we shall soon onboard you aboard to your drive into the hyperspace of {{Company Name}}.

Fasten your seatbelts but no need for a helmet as we promise you a bump-free ride!

Before we begin your onboarding, we wanted to take this opportunity to make you feel welcome into the group. We are happy to have you & we look forward to our adventurous journey along the {{Industry}} Milky Way.

"Small cheer and great welcome make a merry feast" William Shakespeare

Welcome to the fold, and make yourself at home.


{{HR Team Name}}

Example #4. Internship.

Greetings {{First Name}},

Hope you are having a good day. We have sent this mail to welcome you to the company.

Your onboarding will begin soon, and we are sure you are excited about it. We are too!

This internship will be a learning experience for you just as it is for us. We shall give you knowledge and industry experience. And you shall give us your time and expertise.

This is a bond, not the contract you signed but the commitment that we have given each other. We are glad to be of service to you and hope we will have a great time together.

"It's a two-way street, If I'm expecting it from you then you're getting it from me"Harvey Specter

Welcome to the firm, we look forward to seeing you!


{{HR Team Name}}

Example #5. Holiday Season option 2.

Hey there,

Let these warm regards help you fight the snow as we embark on the journey of a new year.

Christmas is right around the corner & so are we.

It is with open arms that we receive you on this auspicious date.

We wanted to take this time to make you comfortable, as comfort is our culture and we hope to include you in our workplace which is also a playground of collaboration and ideas.

Welcome to {{Company Name}}, your journey begins soon & we can’t wait to have you onboard our express.

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" - Heinrich der Glîchezære

Merry Christmas & congratulations on the new start!


{{HR Team Name}}


Welcome Your New Client Team Creatively

Hello {{First Name}},

We are pleased to welcome to you into the fold. {{Company Name}} aims to create a healthy atmosphere among their client’s workforce just as the one we have.

Don't be afraid to ask for help or guidance through the onboarding as well as the pre-onboarding phase. We welcome you with open arms and we will welcome any suggestions from you as we grow and evolve.

To foster a healthy working space, we look forward to you enjoying your co-working space with your colleagues during joint projects.

"A house divided cannot stand" - Abraham Lincoln

So welcome to our home & make it your own.




A welcome message is a professional greeting you can use to welcome a new team member to your workplace. These messages are typically short and positive, and they show a new team member that you appreciate them joining your organization. Whether you are a colleague or a manager, learning how to craft a welcome message could help you create a great first impression.

We want to extend a special Thank You to our Talent Acquisition Intern, Parimal Panke, for his creativity in crafting those examples for you! We hope you've enjoyed them and will incorporate them into your company!

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