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Welcome to our reviews page.
We can't wait to add yours here in the future.

Jason de Boer, Chief Revenue Officer, SAAS


"Olia proved excellence in identifying major pain points around employee learning and overall experience. After the proposed phased plan Olia exceeded leadership expectations in building an L&D team, developing a learning plan for each department and implementing forward-thinking tools 30% faster than planned while shifting the entire onboarding experience and making it the best experience for many in their career. All that success while adapting to the remote environment due to the pandemic only says that you are in great hands.!"

Karina Huertas

Business Development Executive - Software

"I've attended live in-person trainings as well as online video trainings. Of course the live interaction is a great experience but the videos were also extremely easy to follow and very informative. I really enjoyed all of the access to material and resources available post-training. Everything is clearly laid out in a format that is intuitive and easy to follow. And of course, Olia has amazing energy and is very engaging!"

Julien Carbone

Salesforce Consultant, Software

"Impressed with how you always go forward and inspire people around you, Olia. Onboarding is always a key moment in a business journey and the authenticity of the people responsible for it is definitely one of the keys to bringing out the best in each individual. All these successes are truly deserved and I wish you many more!"

Kyle Schultz

Senior Manager - Business

Development & Growth

"Congrats Olia and the rest of the Learning Experience team! You put the 'wow!' in the onboarding experience."

Marc Dahan

Escalation Manager in a Software Company

"Olia is an expert on onboarding new team members with the training & knowledge material, having her behind this new company's venture makes her a real asset on the training courses that she will make available for all the companies and individuals that want to better themselves with their knowledge depth."

Ariella Baston

Developer Relations, IT

"I really appreciated Olia’s pacing of instruction and willingness to answer deeper questions about the material."


Accounts Manager, Enablement

"Olia and I worked together to erect an LMS at her previous employer. In each meeting together, Olia had clearly defined objectives, prepared questions and benchmarks she was looking to hit. I was so impressed to see her work."

1624299023672 (1).jpeg

Jean-Luc Nicholson, GRC Program Manager- Financial Tech

"Olia was professional and diligent when it came to building an onboarding program for customers and employees during our time working together. Her expertise allowed the Education Department to grow and become a center of excellence within the company. She helped standardize the approach to onboarding and streamlined the process, improving employee ramp-up time and customer retention. Very positive experience."

Carolyn Horwitz

Account Manager- Premium Food & Beverage

"Olia is an excellent presenter and trainer. She is interested in sharing knowledge in a way that engages her audience. Thus information is retained and applied to new skills learned in her sessions."

Dimitri Lianoudakis

Founder/CEO- eCommerce

"Olia is very passionate about the work. And When she teaches it shows"

Juan Munoz

Outsourcing Manager

"Olia is passionate about training and development. She possesses the knowledge and skills to deliver engaging, clear and effective trainings. She is able to adapt to the needs of the company in terms of speed of delivery while at the same time caring about the human receiving the training. This makes her exceptional at her work."

Cathy Ma

Product Management- Technology

"I’ve witnessed Olia bringing static material to a more engaging training session at medium sized tech company. She consistently proves that her effective communication accelerated people’s understanding to new materials."

Rishabh Sethi

Senior Manager - Marketing OPS (B2B SAAS)

"Olia has been a great trainer and knowledgable person. She mastered the platform and helped me in my onboarding phase. She is always willing to help, super approachable and very pleasant to speak with. I definitely recommend her for any training requirements."

Juliano Santos

Tech Lead & Sr. Software Engineer

"I had a very good instructor, it has made all difference."

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 3.02.20 PM.png

Sandra Azzi, CRC Manager, Nestle Nespresso Canada

"Wow, Olia!! Congratulations on this incredible success with training! Even if I am impressed, I am not surprised as no one can compare to your creativity and passion! Congratulations again on this accomplishment. I can't wait to watch what's next on the training list!"

Wassila Chentouf

L&D Specialist- Nespresso

"Olia has been a huge inspiration to me over the past few years. I have attended to many trainings that she has delivered and built, from sales trainings, to communication skills, and more. She masters the learning and development pillars, and delivers the knowledge in an inspiring and a passionate way. If you’re looking to open the door of success for yourself and your teams, Olia and her team will provide you the key to that door through a successful and a meaningful learning experience."

Darius Abulencia

Senior Graphic Designer

"Olia as the lead experience trainer at our last company we worked for great! She managed to a not-so-simple application and make it seem easy to learn. On top of that she always had a positive attitude and smile on her face. You know you were getting a career boost that day! Highly recommended!"

Stephen Mcneil

Business Analyst

"Common sense and facts ensured that Olia had everyone’s attention during her presentation."

Debbie Howlett

Content Specialist

"Olia is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer. She is thorough, compassionate, patient, and in tune with her students. Her training classes were well-organized and logical. The material was always prepared and ready in advance of each trading session. She was generous in her feedback. Overall, I can’t recommend Olia enough. She is a superstar trainer and you will learn a lot from her."

Donizette Domingues

Software Engineering Manager- SAAS

"Olia has shown not only the ability to deliver good training but also to build strong relationships with the people around her."

Nathan Kitenge

Customer Service/Security

"I had the chance to be trained by Olia and I can only throw flowers at her for being an excellent person to learn from. She was always amazingly prepared and how mastered the way to interact with different groups of individuals."


Keisha Campbell, Store Manager

"Olia personifies professionalism. Olia's approach to Training is clear, concise & knowledgeable and if an answer cannot be given immediately she will find it. One thing that always stood out was her positivity and encouragement in the process. Training is always presented in a way that is palatable and if you do not understand the information, she would take the time to explain the information in a more creative way."

Hamed Oukhay


"The experience with Olia and her team during my onboarding was unique. The training took place virtually with a group of nine people which is the right balance between group interaction and individual focus. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject, and his teaching style made a full day of training feel like an hour. I enjoyed all the sessions during the onboarding, and I felt prepared to start my job with confidence."

Leandro Parra

Software Developer - Tracktik

"I participated in some training given by Olia and I have nothing but praise. She is very patient and makes the sessions very fun and dynamic, always with great explanations and practical examples."

Alka Saini

Sr. Software Quality Engineer

"I've attended different sessions with Olia and all were great. All the sessions I attended were very informative and interactive. Her way of presenting the information in the sessions is great and it helped me in retaining that information till now."

Jessica Fequiere

Training & Implementation Specialist

Olia is big on seeing in training and acting upon it. I worked with her in the past and she completely changed the training curriculum to something very instructive and where we can have metrics on the level of understanding of each individual who participated in the training.

Maria D'Abate

Credit Receivables and Collection Manager- Technology

"Olia and her team provided an exceptional training and learning experience, the content was clear, concise and delivered in a way that was very engaging."

Sophia Reyes

QA Analyst

"I worked with Olia at Tracktik, and she is not only really knowledgeable about what she is teaching, but also brings energy, and motivation to the session. You can really see and feel her professionalism and passion, so you get contagious by her energy."

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 11.40.04 AM.png

Paul Millette, Programmer - Information Technology

"Olia is an excellent trainer. Her mastery of any given application allows her to go far beyond simply instructing someone about how to do what they want to do. She always provides very relevant insights and truly beneficial context on how features work. Top marks."

Marisa Joseph

Training & Implementation Specialist

"Training material is always clean and clear. Message is delivered in a fun interactive way and trainers are very knowledgeable!"

Patrizia Chalhoub

HR and office coordinator at Nestle Nespresso

"Olia is a great trainer very knowledgeable and organized. She captive the attention of her audience. It’s a pleasure to follow a training given by Olia."

Fady Z.

Project Manager/Agile Coach

"Best training experience I ever had. Olia and her team very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A+++"

John Jarvie

Content Designer -SaaS - B2B

"Olia built a robust internal training of a complex product line for cross-functional teams. It left me not only with a thorough understanding of the products, but empowered to use them."

Shehraz Islam

Senior UX Designer

"Olia is a natural trainer and presenter. She is great at helping others. She is patient, kind and very approachable. She was responsible for training everyone in my office about all our softwares."


Sales, Industrial Automation

"Olia is an enthusiastic and friendly educator. Loved all training workshops I took part in that she was leading."

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 12.18.19 PM.png

Glenn MacIsaacCOO, Security Industry

"Product knowledge and ability to turn that knowledge into teachable points to an unfamiliar clientele were impressive."

Charlie Woods

Key Account Manager - Hospitality

"I had training with Olia in my first few weeks with Nespresso professional. The training was very memorable and a great introduction to the brand and product."

David Hawkins

IT product manager

"Olia is a very skilled and passionate individual with the determination and patience to ensure training is completed no matter the users ability. I would highly recommend Olia."

Sam Sanati

Software QA Analyst

"great training skill and explanation."

John Jarvie

Content Designer -SaaS - B2B

"Olia built a robust internal training of a complex product line for cross-functional teams. It left me not only with a thorough understanding of the products, but empowered to use them."

Kizzy Joseph

Training & Implementation Specialist

"Olia & her team have a way of training that is easily understandable & provides relatable information and examples to make learning more enjoyable. Trainees also have fun while learning."

Li Li

Data Integration, SAAS online solution company

"Very talented in both technical and non-technical training skills."


Juilie Guan, Retail Boutique Manager

"I would highly recommend Olia and her services! I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with her throughout my career. Her energy, passion,  knowledge and attention to detail is exactly what anyone needs in a trainer! Look forward to working together some more in the future!."

Shorja Chakma

Client Success Manager/ SAAS

"When your instructor is passionate about the lesson and knows how to make a lesson as fun as it is informative, there is only one outcome which is a successful one. All those and more were what I can think of when I recall my learning experience with Olia."

Mathieu Imbert

Staff developer, Security Workforce Management

"I had more than a few training with you, and I loved all of them. Even though the all star training was intense (let's be real :D), you were able to keep us engaged through the entire course. I also interacted with you when creating content, and I can see the long term effects of your presence at Tracktik, with a LED team that is still super relevant a super strong asset for Tracktik."

Oscar Vasquez


"The training program was well developed, the trainers had very good knowledge and a fantastic attitude. The experience was amazing."

Vishal Maniya

Software Developer

"It was great pleasure to working with you at TrackTik, You have provided me a platform training, which was very straight to the point, detail as needed, one think i love the most is you were strict and provide training in fun way in the classroom, which actually help us to focus on particular session."

Jade Ranjalahy

Customer Success Leader

"It was really engaging and even fun, which made learning easier as the software was not an easy one."

Steven Zajac-Descoteaux

Learning Designer - Programming

"Love the enthusiasm and organisation!"

Piyush Kumar Sharma, Salesforce Consultant, Software

"Olia and her team are the best in their field. She goes through all the details while giving trainings and make sure that each and every attendee fully understands the content of the trainings. The best thing is she doesn't mind answering questions from trainees irrespective of how many times it's asked until everyone in the room understands it. I would highly recommend her and would definitely be delighted to work with her in future."

Fredy Alexander Bonilla

Tech Lead - Software & Tech Industry

"Olia is structured, organized and has great communication skills that every presentation feels natural to her. She's very patient with the audience and listens to everyone's needs."

Cherise Li

Administrative Assistant- Telecommunications

"Olia was my trainer back at Nespresso and I thoroughly enjoyed any time that she spent training our team as she always did so in a fun manner and was able to adapt to different people’s learning styles to make knowledge easier to absorb. Questions were always welcomed and no matter the question, Olia either always had an answer or she would ensure she got you the answer."

Mohammed Hoque

 Scrum Master- IT/Bank

"I have worked with Olia and I have attended some of her training and I can say with no doubt that she is a natural leader and an expert at teaching."

Naman Tiwari

Sr. Product Designer, IT Services & Consulting

"The training experience with Olia was nothing but exceptional. I feel it was well-organized, detailed, and interactive, which made it a fun learning experience. I learned a lot about our industry, client base, company’s mission, and product, which helped me to succeed in my role within the organization."

Juhi Sethi

Solutions Engineer in Security Software

"It was amazing working with Olia. She is so dedicated to her job and has all the knowledge and skills to deliver what is expected from her."

Vincent Szeto

Vincent Szeto, Director of IT

"The training sessions always have a very welcoming energy, which encourages class participation and improves learning."

PHOTO-2022-06-27-17-52-24 2.jpg

Kamran Tabarraee, Multi-brand CEO

"Over the last 6 months of working closely with 360 Transformers on the strategy and human capital management, we were able to truly transform our team, and patterns and receive previously unseen results and commitment. Personally, I've learned more about business management in 3 months of mentorship than in the previous 3 years. 360 transformers are now truly our long-time partner that we trust in all areas of our business. ."

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